Exciting Education Opportunities through the SCDSS Chafee Program

If you are graduating from high school soon, working on getting your GED, or enrolled in or preparing to apply to a technical school or 4-year-college, there are many free resources available to assist you in your education journey! Check out this list of supports and services provided by the SCDSS Chafee Program to help you reach your education goals.
High School:

College and Vocational School:
Students enrolled in post-high school educational programs receive a Personal Computer Bundle (a laptop computer bundle that includes a computer with a 1-year service agreement, software, printer, carrying case, and other computer accessories).
Transportation assistance is available for travel related to college, vocational, or adult education and employment and includes:

Housing for Summer and Holidays
Summer housing funds are available for young adults who are no longer in foster care and in need of housing assistance for the summer break. The Chafee program will pay $450/month for up to 3 months for summer housing for students. 
Housing assistance is also available based on board rate for December – January holidays if dormitories are closed. These housing funds could be applied to apartment style dormitory housing that remains open during holiday breaks (up to $40/day) if a young adult has no permanent connection or needs to maintain employment while in school. 

ETV Funds for Tuition
Young adults may be eligible to receive up to a maximum of $5,000 per year up to their 26th birthday or for 5 years (the 5 years do not have to be consecutive), as long as funds are available through the ETV Program.

Pandemic Relief from the federal government temporarily raised this amount to $12,000 per year. Check with the Chafee/ETV Program staff, but young people age 14 through 26 (up to 27th birthday) who experienced foster care when they were age 14 or older may be eligible.
Young adults are eligible for ETV funds as long as they are enrolled in college, making satisfactory progress, and have not reached the age of 26 even if they are not in care.

More info on the SC Chafee ETV Program

For more information on all the services and funding you can access, click here for a copy of Pathways to Success: SCDSS Program for Successful Transition to Adulthood. Be sure to call your case manager to check your eligibility and get help applying for these services! 


Revised 09/17/2021