Let Exercise Be Your Medicine

Typically, when we think about being independent, we associate it with having a place to stay, a job, a form of transportation, and a steady income to cover our bills. However, knowing how to stay healthy is an important part of being independent as well. When it comes to maintaining health and fitness, learning how to take care of yourself may not come as easily as you think. It requires you to be mindful of how the decisions you make can affect your health.

Technology makes everything so convenient for us these days that it’s easy to become sedentary, in other words, to become a couch potato. One of the easiest ways to make sure that you are staying healthy is to add exercise into your daily routine year-round and not just during bathing suit season. While your first thought when it comes to exercise might be going to a gym, running, lifting weights, and all of that good stuff, your workout does not always have to be one of those activities. Your daily workout could be as simple as jumping rope or taking a jog around the park.

Exercise is a great way to fight stress and anxiety, and it’s also an awesome way to maintain or improve your physical appearance. Who doesn’t want to look good and feel good too?!

Still not convinced? Well, did you know that exercise provides the following benefits?

For information on an exercise program specifically for children and teenagers,
check out these recommendations from the CDC here.

We want you to be the best independent and healthy you that you can be! The body was meant to move, so show your body a little love and workout today!