SC Education Bill of Rights

Did you know that South Carolina is one of the few states to have a Bill of Rights for youth in foster care? Many of you are familiar with the SCDSS Children and Youth in Foster Care Bill of Rights that was written by the statewide youth advisory board GOALL (Go Out and Learn Life).

Did you also know that there is also a Bill of Rights for education? The South Carolina Education Bill of Rights for Children in Foster Care was passed into law in 2010.

While you are in care you might move to a new placement which might mean a new school or school district. This can disrupt your progress towards graduation. To help you if you change schools, the State Legislature passed the South Carolina Education Bill of Rights, requiring school districts to make that you don’t end up behind in your educational journey.

Some features of the law are listed below. To read the whole law, click here.

If you change schools, school districts must:

The Education Bill of Rights also says that you have the right to have an adult to advocate for your best educational interests and that school districts are to accept this person’s role in advocating for you.

Please read the Education Bill of Rights to help you be an advocate for your educational success!